Lodge Thane of Fife No.781

Lodge Thane of Fife No.781 held a special meeting on Wednesday 01 May 2024, when an exemplification of the Fellow Craft Degree was worked by Reigning Masters of several neighbouring Lodges who had been invited and led by the Master of Lodge Thane of Fife No.781 Brother Malcolm Slora.

An excellent night of Freemasonry enjoyed by a large attendance from brethren from both within the Province of Fife and Kinross and from neighbouring Provinces. Also in attendance was the Provincial Grand Master Brother Bill Rocks accompanied by Depute Provincial Grand Master Brother Lawrence Cooper.

The Masters taking part in the ceremony were from the following Lodges.

Lodge Union No.250.
Lodge Minto No.385.
Lodge St. John No.540.
Lodge Thane of Fife No.781.
Lodge Oak No.877.
Lodge St. Fothad's No.1059.
Lodge Elgin and Bruce No.1077.
Lodge Ballingry No.1183.

The candidate for the evening was the Junior Deacon of Lodge Thane of Fife No.781 who is also a Master Mason of Lodge St. John No.16 Falkirk.

Photograph and information provided by Brother Gordon Menzies Secretary Lodge Thane of Fife No.781.

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