Meetings which have been cancelled or rescheduled by Dispensation:



Date of Meeting

Glenrothes 1549 Installation Meeting scheduled for Wednesday 27th September 2017 rescheduled to Friday 29th September 6.00pm
Wemyss 777 Installation Meeting scheduled for Friday 22nd September 2017 rescheduled to Friday 29th September 7.00pm
St. Andrew 25 Regular meeting scheduled for Friday 29th September 2017 rescheduled to Saturday 30th September 2017
Randolph 776 Regular meeting scheduled for Thursday 5th October 2017 Cancelled
St. Andrew 25 Installation meeting scheduled for Friday 24th November 2017 rescheduled to Saturday 30th September 2017
Coupar o' Fife 19 Installation meeting scheduled for Saturday 10th February 2018 rescheduled to Saturday 3rd February 2018