Lodge Dunearn No.400

Bro. Stewart Quigley R.W.P.G.M led a deputation from the Provincial Grand Lodge in to Lodge Dunearn No.400 on Monday 8th October 2018. He was there at the invitation of Bro. Kevin Thompson R.W.M to assist in the unveiling of a commemorative plaque listing the names of the fallen members of Lodge 400. There was also a presentation of some "trench art" from the Falklands conflict. Two unique dishes made from cut down 105mm artillery shells with some Falklands island coins mounted on them. The shells which these were made from had been fired in the Falkland Islands conflict.

As this was the last meeting for the R.W.M Bro. Kevin Thompson before he demits office, he had invited a team of reigning masters to assist him in working a Entered Apprentice Degree.

Information and photographs provided by Bro. Alan Blackie Lodge Coupar o' Fife No.19.

Lodge Dunearn No.400Bro. Kevin Thompson R.W.M.
Bro. Stewart Quigley R.W.P.G.M

Lodge Dunearn No.400Commemorative Plaque

Lodge Dunearn No.400Degree Team With P.G.M

Back Row Left to Right
Bro. Steven Page R.W.M Lodge Minto No.385
Bro. Alex Cowe R.W.M Lodge Coupar o' Fife No.19
Bro. Douglas Simpson R.W.M Lodge St. Clair of Dysart No.520

Front Row Left to Right
Bro. Gary Clark R.W.M Lodge St. John Corstorphine No.788
Bro. Steven Archibald R.W.M Lodge St. John No.60
Bro. Kevin Thompson R.W.M Lodge Dunearn No.400
Bro. Stewart Quigley R.W.P.G.M
Bro. Colin Cruickshank R.W.M Lodge St. Fothad's No.1059

Lodge Dunearn No.400Presentation

Lodge Dunearn No.400