Lodge Coupar o' Fife  No.19 4th February 2015

Lodge Coupar o' Fife No.19 RWM Bro. Kevin Thompson would like to give a big thanks to all who attended Lodge Coupar o' Fife No.19 for the Reigning Masters Degree held on Wednesday 4th February 2015.

It was a superb night in front of a full Lodge Room including the PGM Bro. Rev Andrew E Paterson. A Special thanks to the Degree Team:

Bro. Kevin Thompson RWM Lodge Coupar o' Fife No.19
Bro. Paul Batchelor RWM The Lodge of Kirkcaldie No.72
Bro. Bill Dewar RWM Lodge Dunearn No.400
Bro. Jason Watson RWM Lodge St. Clair of Dysart No.520
Bro. Bill Foster RWM Lodge Randolph No.776
Bro. Tom Moore RWM Lodge St. Clair of Balbeggie No.867
Bro. Gordon Morris RWM Lodge St. Leonard No.935
Bro. Mike McAdams RWM Lodge St. Fothad's Auchterderran No.1059
Bro. Alan Morgan RWM Lodge Torrie No.1141
Bro. Allan Neil RWM Lodge Earlshall No.1292
Bro. Derrick Robb RWM Lodge Glenrothes No.1549


It was a wonderful evening with some humour as eleven different rituals from across the Province came together to form a 'seamless' first degree. There were very few prompts and I am sure all present enjoyed the performance. 

Well done too to Bro. Sandy Gardner WSW Lodge Torrie No.1141 and Bro. Stewart Michie IPM The Lodge of Kirkcaldie No.72 who were presented with certificates by the PGM for their completion of the 49ers.

Photograph provided by RWM Bro. Kevin Thompson Lodge Coupar o' Fife No.19.


Reigning Masters

The Degree Team with PGM Bro. Rev Andrew Paterson and Candidate Bro. Chris Bain