Lodge Glenrothes No.1549

The Provincial Grand Master Brother Stewart Quigley visited Lodge Glenrothes No.1549 on Wednesday 10th April 2019 and witnessed a Second Degree being worked by the Senior Warden of Lodge Glenrothes assisted by Senior Wardens from various Sister Lodges around the Province.

Lodges taking part in the Degree were:

Lodge St. John No.35
Lodge Rothes No.532
Lodge Balgonie No.764
Lodge St. Clair of Balbeggie No.867
Lodge St. Fothad's No.1059
Lodge Glenrothes No.1549

Photograph provided by Bro. Ian Stevenson W.J.W Lodge Balgonie No.764.

Lodge Glenrothes No.1549