Lodge Earl Haig No.1260

At the regular meeting of Lodge Earl Haig No.1260 held on Wednesday 26th September 2018, the Lodge welcomed Past Grand Master Bro. Rev'd Canon Joseph John Morrow into the Lodge where he had been ivited to give a lecture. Bro. Gordon Michie P.M. of Lodge Earl Haig No.1260 said of the evening.
"A pleasure to welcome Bro Joe Morrow into the Lodge last night, with no airs and graces, no pomp and ceremony, just a good and virtuous brother. Who was clad in plain white pinny, who sat in the columns next to our youngest master mason. Before enthralling us with his sojourn as the Lord Lyon King of Arms, Heraldry and his believe about the interconnection of the development of both during the Scottish enlightenment.

Many questions were posed and answered with good grace and humour." Gordon Michie P.M. Lodge Earl Haig No.1260.

The Provincial Grand Lodge of Fife and Kinross was represented by Bro. Craig Thompson W.S.P.G.M.

Photograph provided by Bro. Andrew Wishart Lodge Earl Haig No.1260.

Past Grand MasterLeft to Right
Bro. Craig Thompson W.S.P.G.M.
Bro. Joe Morrow P.G.M.M.
Bro. John Heron R.W.M.