Lodge Canmore No.1175

Having served for three years as Master of Lodge Canmore No.1175, R.W.M Bro. Jeff Crichton invited a team of reigning and past masters from several local lodges to assist him working his last degree before the installation of office bearers, to be held on Saturday 17th February.

The Provincial Grand Master Bro. Stewart Quigley was happy to stand in as a substiute candidate to allow this degree to take place, which was a First or Entered Apprentice Degree.

Photograph provided by Bro. Ian Stewart.

Lodge Canmore No.1175
Left to Right
Bro. Sandy Gardner R.W.M Lodge Torrie No.1141
Bro.Robert Hood I.P.M Lodge Union No.250
Bro. Grant Douglas I.P.M Lodge Elgin and Bruce No.1077
Bro. Harry Anderson I.P.M Lodge Ballingry No.1183
Bro. Gordon Sutherland R.W.M the Lvdge of Dunfermling No.26
Bro. David Brown I.P.M Lodge Thane of Fife No.781
Bro. Jeff Crichton R.W.M Lodge Canmore No.1175
Bro. David Shearer I.P.M Lodge Balgonie No.764
Bro. Stewart Quigley R.W.P.G.M
Bro. Drew Simpson I.P.M Lodge St. Serf No.327
Bro. Peter Auchterlonie P.M Lodge Canmore No.1175
Bro. Donald Crichton I.P.M Lodge Kinneddar No.1239
Bro. James Ritchie R.W.M Lodge Oak No.877