Lodge Fortrose No.108 250 Rededication Ceremony

Provincial Grand Master Bro. Andrew Paterson and Brethren from the Province of Fife and Kinross visited Lodge Fortrose No.108 in Stornaway to celebrate their 250th Rededication Ceremony.          

Photographs provided by Bro. Paul Batchelor RWM Lodge No.72.                 

Lodge Fortrose 108 
Left to Right
Bro. Bob Ross The Lodge of Kirkcaldie No.72
Bro. Jim Templeton Lodge St. Leonard No.935
Bro. Frank Rennie The Lodge of Kirkcaldie No.72
Bro. Andrew Paterson PGM RWGSW Lodge Oak No.877
Bro. Paul Batchelor RWM The Lodge of Kirkcaldie No.72
Bro. Alex Cowe Lodge Earlshall No.1292
Bro. Ian Nelson Lodge St. Clair of Balbeggie No.867
Bro. Jim Stevenson Lodge Glenrothes No.1549

Lodge Fortrose 108
Left to Right
Bro. Frank Rennie PPGSW
Bro. Andrew Paterson PGM
Bro. Bob Ross PG Piper